Our services:

  We offer thorough physical examinations, vaccines and all other preventative services to keep your pets healthy.  We even package examinations, vaccines, and other services into "PET PAKS" to help keep pet health care more affordable.


    One of our special interests is pain relief for pets.  We use not only traditional methods but also a therapeutic laser.  We bought our first laser three years ago and have extensive education and experience in using it. 


   We offer a variety of surgeries from spays and neuters to other more complicated procedures.  During surgery we monitor vital signs to make each pet as safe as possible. 


  Dr. Mike Hays has had an interest in dentistry for 20 years now and stays up to date on the latest dental techniques.  Not only do we do routine dentistries complete with a charting of your pet’s teeth and if need be x-rays but also more advanced procedures such as root canals.  We have found that teeth cleaning done properly can keep your pet’s breath  fresher and prevent problems with your pet’s heart and other organs.  


  Urgent pet care is a service we offer.  We know sometimes unplanned circumstances can occur such as car accidents, cheat grass seeds in feet, ears, or paws, heat stroke or even hypothermia.  We open at 7:30 am just in case and our Dr. and staff are ready to help you when you have an urgent pet care need.  We also offer after hours services either with our doctor or thru the emergency service.